My name is Daniella Vereeken, I live in Belgium together with my loving husband Patrick and our son Korben.

In 2013 me and my family went through a really hard time and I was feeling really lost. A friend of me took me to a Teddy Bear Fair and convinced me to try it, and not soon after my first bear was finished; For me it was quite alleviating and it brought back some colour to my life!

I looooooove beeing creative and in making bears I can combine all of my imagination to create someting truly unique!

So...... The Barboni-Bears adventure started!

Soon I was making my own patterns, painting my glass eyes, shading and colouring faux fur and mohair. Just creating something out of a simple piece of fabric gives me intense joy! I really love long haired faux furs, Super soft, shiny and colourful, Working with these thick long fabrics is very time consuming and it can take many many hours to get a bear finished, but when I see the end result, it is worth all the effort !

I do sell my work although it is not easy to let it go. When you buy a Barboni-Bear you will feel the love and hard work that went in creating this little bundle of fluff!

All my creations are fully jointed, have wire in legs, arms and sometimes ears so they are fully posable.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Barboni-Bears website.

You can find more of my creations on Instagram or Facebook, just follow the links...

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Daniella xx


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